TechKnow Advisor Newsletter – November 2013

November 2013

In this issue…

Windows XP – Security Concern
Use Word 2013
The New Windows 8.1
CryptoLocker Virus
Cloud Services You Can Trust
Why Security Updates are Vital
Office 2013: Here’s What’s New
Firm News

Welcome to the first issue of TechKnow Advisor, the e-newsletter where LaSalle Consulting Partners will strive to provide up-to-date technology news and insights. We intend for TechKnow Advisor to complement our mission by providing you with information that will help you make well informed strategic technology decisions and to further ensure your confidence in the consultants you trust to maximize the value of your IT investment.

Our first issue focuses on security issues and also touches on the recently released Microsoft Windows 8.1. We will use this newsletter to continue to work together with our valued clients and friends by sharing our experiences, knowledge, and insights.

We wish you all the best in the upcoming holiday season.

Windows XP – Upcoming HIPAA Security Concern

Posted by LaSalle Consulting Partners, Inc.

Healthcare security breaches have, in recent years, resulted in costly penalties to covered entities. Data security threats that can lead to these breaches originate from many sources. A new source will be born early next year.

As of April 8, 2014 Microsoft will end support for the Windows XP operating system, initially released in August 2001. Microsoft and security experts are cautioning that Windows XP users will face increased security risks as a result of this change, largely due to the lack of new security updates.

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Use Word 2013 to open documents created in earlier versions of Word

used with permission from Microsoft
When you open a document in Microsoft Word 2013 that was created in an earlier version of Word, Compatibility Mode is turned on, and you see Compatibility Mode in the title bar of the document window.

Compatibility Mode makes sure that no new or enhanced features in Word 2013 are available while you work with a document, so that people using earlier versions of Word will have full editing capabilities. Compatibility Mode also preserves the layout of the document.
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Introducing the New Windows 8.1: Frequently Asked Questions

used with permission from Microsoft
What is the difference between Windows 8 and Windows 8.1?

 Windows 8.1 provides the best user experience on all types of devices:
  • Personalize your Start screen with the people, apps, and information that matter most to you and with unique designs, colors, photos, and live tiles that give you instant information.
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Cryptolocker Virus

used with permission from ezMicro
There is a new and very serious virus named CryptoLocker that is currently circulating the Internet. The threat involves an e-mail attachment that, if opened, will evade most anti-virus and anti-spyware software and encrypt data on your individual computer and your network, making it appear to be inaccessible. Please inform everyone to be extra vigilant about not opening attachments from questionable sources. The delivery is very clever and very malicious.

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Cloud Services you can trust: Security, Compliance and Privacy in Office 365

used with permission from Microsoft

When you make a decision to place your trust in a cloud services provider for productivity services, security, compliance, and privacy are top of mind. With over a billion customers on Office and decades of experience running online services, we understand what it takes to earn and continue to maintain your trust and confidence in Office 365.

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Why Security Updates Are Vital

used with permission from Norton by Symantec

Perhaps it’s become a cliché, all this talk about the pace of technology, and change as a constant, and the need to stay ahead of the curve. But, clichés develop for a reason–usually because there’s truth in them. In the case of computer software, and particularly Internet security software, all the pace-of-technology talk is warranted.

Historically, computer software was a static form of technology. You would buy a program, load it on your machine, and use the software “as is” until the next version came out. However, that model no longer fits.

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Office 2013: Here’s what’s new

used with permission from Microsoft
The new Office is a cloud subscription that provides virtually anywhere access to your familiar Office applications plus business-grade email, calendar, and video conferencing across your devices – from PCs to smartphones to tablets.
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Firm News
LaSalle Consulting Partners is proud to announce that it was recently selected by Microsoft to join Microsoft’s invitation only SMB (“Small Business”) Champions Club. Microsoft selects firms for membership in their new SMB Champions Club based on business partners that have committed to advancing their cloud business in the small and medium business segment. As a member of the SMB Champions Club, LaSalle Consulting Partners will benefit from access to technical resources and training not available to other firms. We will utilize these resources to provide you with the best service possible.

To further improve our services to clients that are considered covered entities according to HIPAA law, and to adhere to the recent HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule, all staff at LaSalle Consulting Partners have been required to take and pass a HIPAA Awareness for Business Associates training course. The course included an Introduction to HIPAA, Transactions, Code Sets and Identifiers, Privacy, Security, ARRA/HITECH Act and Omnibus Rule, and Implementation.

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LaSalle Consulting Partners, Inc. provides the information in this newsletter purely as a public resource of information which is intended, but not promised or guaranteed, to be correct, complete, or up-to-date. This newsletter is not intended to be a source of solicitation of legal advice nor should it be the sole basis for technology decisions. The reader should therefore not consider this information to be an invitation for a consultant-client relationship, should not solely rely on information provided herein, and should always seek the advice of competent counsel especially related to HIPAA compliance matters before making decisions or taking any actions





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